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Check out interesting tidbits, anecdotes, news and accounts of the real estate market in complete detail. Know how to set up a deal, find the right buyer or seller, and be aware of the latest government regulations at one place. Share your views and comment on articles that increase your knowledge within a short span of time!

What you should know before parking your funds in real estate!

Of all the asset classes, real estate will continue topping the chart as a preferred investment not just nationally but globally. In times of...

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Why Real Estate is Considered To Be The Best Investment?

During uncertain and turbulent times, the one place that offers comfort and safety is ‘home’. With job losses and economic cataclysm, paying rental...

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5 things to consider if you are becoming a landlord

Sometimes after buying a new home it is not necessary that you shift to that new place. You might rent your home before relocating to that place. We...

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Why should you invest in Real Estate?

Real estate is always and has always been a great opportunity for investors. If one gets a good property in a well-to-do neighborhood, then he will...

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Why do you need a real estate professional?

The purpose of hiring a professional is needful because in the course of action his experience will over power in finding a new place. With his...

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10 mistakes to avoid in real estate investing

Real estate investing is a high-profile investment; it appeals a lot to first timers. But like all endeavors, there are certain highs and lows of...

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How to earn profit in real estate investing?

Are you not looking to earn interest while investing in bonds? Are you not looking for appreciation in stock value while purchasing company’s stock...

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How to make real estate investments beneficial?

Investing in stocks, mutual funds and bonds yield returns for sure, but the risk involved is too high and returns are too low. If there are higher...

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Key concerns for NRI investors to invest in India

A lot of NRIs are settled abroad and are making a good fortune out there but most of them have a plan to come back to India as home-town is where...

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7 Answers You Must Have Before Buying A Real Estate Property In India

7 Answers You Must Have Before Buying A Real Estate Property In India Buying a real estate property is like a dream for most of us. It is a big...

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5 Myths Busted- Why You Must Invest In Commercial Properties?

Everyone desires of a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. An investment helps you earn an extra income to fulfill your wishes beyond the basic...

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