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Check out interesting tidbits, anecdotes, news and accounts of the real estate market in complete detail. Know how to set up a deal, find the right buyer or seller, and be aware of the latest government regulations at one place. Share your views and comment on articles that increase your knowledge within a short span of time!

Benefits of mid-segment homes

COVID-19 has changed the trend of owning a home whether it is downsizing or upgrading for comfortable living, even among the home buyers who were not...

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Top benefits of luxurious apartment living

With the booming demand of living in apartments growing; luxury apartments are becoming more and more enjoyable for people, working couples, first home...

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6 Lessons on Home Buying from Monopoly

Monopoly is a brainstorming game and it teaches us many aspects that one would use in their process of home buying. Some of the lessons are mentioned...

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5 things to look for in a neighborhood before buying

In today’s times, buying a home is a huge investment, so one should take ample time before discovering the proper neighborhood. You need to check the...

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5 Ways to Reduce anxiety when buying or selling a home

Many times buying or selling a home can be a stressful and a hectic job. To overcome stress, you should be prepared to use some tips that reduce the...

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The Benefits of Pre-booking Homes in Indian Real Estate

With the number of projects increasing in real estate market there are many homes available with less interest rate, with various facilities and in...

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Mistakes Home Buyers Make

It is not a small job to buy a home as it needs a lot of research and preparation to complete the task. It is always seen that first-time buyers are...

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Budgeting tips for the first-time home buyers

When a person is a first time home buyer then it is but natural to be over the moon for buying a home. In that process, sometimes he forget to take...

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A check of legal documents for home-buyers

A check of legal documents for home-buyers Are you looking out for buying a home? A lot of times buying a home is a intimidating and also involves...

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Tips for buying a property

With rapid infrastructure development, growing residential complexes, properties are selling lat a racing speed. Here’s for you some helpful tips to...

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A quick guide to your purchase agreement!

A purchase agreement is a legal document detailing the final consideration of a purchaser who agrees to buy and a seller who agrees to sell the...

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Red alert: checklist before investing in a property!

ome buying is an enduring decision and proper due-diligence is like a no brainer. Here’s how we have designed a comprehensive check-list for our...

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7 ways of defining a Good Floor Plan

Selecting a home is the most thrilling experience and yet a journey of making the right choices and decisions around its location, design, price and...

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The Big Investment Question: A Flat or A Plot?

Ultimately, the decision to invest in a plot or flat pretty much depends on your exact requirements and circumstances. Long-term investors who want a...

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The biggest question: Buying or Renting?

The biggest question: Buying or Renting? There is one big question and a challenge on every home-buyer’s mind – Is purchasing a wiser decision than...

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First Time Home Buyers Guide

Buying a first home is a rite of passage for every adult and as a result, it’s a decision that carries with it a lot of anticipation and expectations...

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