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TREC Conversation with Mr Taral Shah and Mr Hirak Desai

It was indeed a great conversation with Taral Shah and Hirak Desai, Partner S&H Construction. S&H Construction is a joint venture between Shivalik Group and Hetu Construction Pvt Ltd and they provide supreme quality construction services to government, industries, institutes, developers and corporates. They have an experience of building stadiums, industrial parks, factories, institutions, clubs, corporate houses as well as real estate residential and commercial projects.

  • How was S&H Construction formed?
  • What is the company’s vision?
  • Why other developers use their services?
  • What is the value they bring to the table?
  • Will construction get delayed due to the recent crisis?
  • Will cost of construction increase?

Please watch this episode of TREC Conversations where all the above questions are answered by these two highly motivated and visionary partners of S&H Construction.

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