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Iscon Ambli Road - The Future Manhattan of Ahmedabad

With finest commercial buildings, corporate houses, ultra-luxurious residences and more; Iscon Ambli Road is one of the most sought-after locality of Ahmedabad city! Watch this video to know why some of the best developments are on this road and what makes the skyline of this road truly a magnificent one. Do leave us with your valuable feedback on it! Thanks for watching.

DEAR friends, today, I am NOT going to take you on a virtual tour of any hi-end apartment, but rather, will take you on the tour of the ROAD, where all these uber-luxurious projects are coming up! Iscon-Ambli Road is already a destination where people want to take their residences and offices to, and it is ONLY going to get more desirable from here-on. This is the area where you get the feeling of plush and supreme lifestyle.

MY name is Anand Choksi and I am the Managing Director of The Real Estate CONNECT. We are a very large and professional team of property consultants, specializing in the WESTERN side of Ahmedabad. We help you buy, sell and rent real estate keeping YOUR interest as No 1 priority.

Iscon – Ambi road is a 3 kilometer long stretch from Iscon junction on SG Road, to Bopal Junction on Ring Road. This 40 meter wide road, is also a BRTS route and there are some solid reasons, why this road is so special that it is becoming a very desirable address for expensive homes and offices.

Let’s check out the reasons why Iscon – Ambli road is so unique.

Reason No 1. Zoning: The entire patch between the SG Road and Ring road and between Makrba and Hebatpur is the most sought-after locality in the western side of Ahmedabad city. This entire area is divided into R2 & R3 zoning. In R3 zoning, commercial and residential high-rise buildings cannot be developed. But It can be developed in R2 zone. The entire Iscon-Ambli road in this patch, falls in R2 zone so the development is happening well spread-out, through-out the road unlike other major roads of the same patch.

Reason No. 2. Project Viability: Because this is a BRTS route, this road falls under TOZ (Transit Oriented Zone). Which means developers get extra FSI which allows more construction on the same size of plot as per the government regulations. This makes the projects viable for the developers for high-end residences and offices around this road and hence there are many options available here.

Reason No 3. Connectivity: This road continues past SG Road and towards the city. So your connectivity to Satellite, Navrangpura, Ashram Road, Old City, Maninagar and even the railway station becomes very easy. Developed areas like Prahladnagar and developing areas Shela, south Bopal, Central Bopal & Ghuma are also easily accessible from here.

Reason No. 4. BRTS Route: accessibility to this road from maninagar, old city, Navragpura, Bopal Ghuma etc becomes extremely convenient for the people who do not want to take their vehicles and avoid traffic jams. This IN-FACT, is a blessing for the corporates as the commute, of their staff members become stress-free! Because of the BRTS availability the FUTURE traffic issues are already addressed to an extent.

Reason No 5. Perfect Mix of Development: The balance of high-end residential apartments, Rich-class society of bungalows, commercial projects, corporate houses and hotels is IMMACULATE. While high-end residential projects are being constructed around this road, some very nice and elegant commercial projects are already in place. A lot of corporate houses are also being developed on this road and prestigious bungalow communities like, Raam Baugh, Sentosa Park & Ashok Vatika are also around Iscon-Ambli Road. High profile exclusive retail stores are also around here. With Bopal Junction so close, your daily necessities are very easily accessible. The reputed schools of the city are close enough from here and even the most popular clubs, Rajpath and Karnavati club is stone throw distance from Iscon-Ambli Road.

Reason No 6. Quality of the projects: Almost all the development is NEW around this road and the developers are making really nice buildings with fantastic landscaping and amenities. Even the developers who have procured land in this area are of A+ category which ensures good quality construction all over. Most of the tallest and newest buildings of the city are already here and the future skyline of this locality will be absolutely marvelous.

Reason No. 7. Greenery: While the development on this road is all brand new, the road ITSELF was built long back when Bopal area was developing. So the trees planted on this road are already huge and lush green. It's a very pretty site when you are passing through this road!

Ladies and gentleman. Iscon-Ambli road is witnessing the rapid growth in Ahmedabad city. The way Manhattan is a business district for New York City, yet has best of the best residential condominiums with lots of green spaces around, Iscon-Ambli road is going to be the future Manhattan of Ahmedbad in relative terms. Finest corporate buildings with ultra-luxurious residences around it, this is the area you want to be in. For the best and most detailed information about the projects in this area, do get in touch with us. We are already in this vicinity and ready to help you with your real estate hunt. Do drop by for a coffee and detailed presentation on the real projects around Iscon-Ambli Road. For more Ahmedabad real estate related information visit our website and click video blogs or knowledge centre. And do follow us on social media…our handles are therealestateconnectTREC both of facebook and Instagram. And if you are watching this video on YouTube…don't forget to hit the subscribe button to stay up-to-date with our future videos.

Thank you and have a great day!

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