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2020 The year of investment no advisor will tell you

Not everything is lost for the year 2020. We all are focused on the problems we are going to face in our business or our investments like real estate, equities, mutual funds, currencies, bonds, deposits, or precious metals. Corona virus has done a lot of damage. It is going to be a financially challenging year for all of us but one thing we have got that we never had is TIME. If optimised right and invested in this another asset class can prove to be very beneficial for us in the future. Watch the video to know more.

Hi My Name is Anand Choksi and I am the Managing Director of The Real Estate CONNECT. We are one of the largest and most professional team of real estate consultants in Ahmedabad city. .But today I want talk about an investment opportunity that is not real estate based. This year, as it seems, is almost a wash out for most of the businesses. 2020 will just go away putting ourselves back to gather after the COVID mayhem. During this time, is there any investment opportunity you should look at? Probably yes. There will be some good opportunities we can invest in, but today I am going to talk about one investment that we all by no means should miss out on. But before we get into that, please tell me what is your favourite asset class when it comes to your investment portfolio. Is it…

Bonds & Deposits?
Foreign Currencies?
Real Estate?
Or Precious Metals like Gold & Silver?

Have you ever thought of another asset class which is a little intangible but is the most important out of all the asses classes. And that asset class my friends, is OUR ABILITY TO MAKE MONEY. If we ever loose the ability to make money, we will not have any surplus money left to invest and we may have to liquidate our existing assets in order to maintain our lifestyle. Imagine a day comes when we are not able to go to work or even if we can go to work we are not able to work at the same level of efficiency. Wouldn’t we start falling behind in building the corpus for retirement and for our children?

Our ability of making money comes from 2 things.

1. Our Health
2. Our skills set

God has given us all, this lovely gift of Time in the disguise of this Pandemic. We are stuck inside the home and cannot go out for business, socialising or entertainment. During this extremely slow time, there is an ample amount of opportunity for us to turnaround our vital statistics and over-all health. As such we are not eating outside since almost 2 months now and I am sure this is a blessing in disguise when it comes to our health. We are breathing cleaner air than ever before with no pollution outside. A lot of us who are addicted to things like cigarettes and alcohol, we are no longer consuming it as much as before because it’s hard to get right now. Why don’t we take it a notch higher and use this time to work out from home in order to lose weight and get fitter. A lot of videos are available online that shows how to exercise from home without any weights or machines. Your mental health is probably even more important than your physical health. Art of living is conducting online classes for those who want to learn meditation. Once you put yourself on the path of healthy lifestyle it becomes the biggest addiction. Not only because you will get a lot of compliments for how you look, but more so for how you feel. Even after the lockdown ends, we all know the businesses will be slow for some time. We will not be going to parties, functions weddings or movie theatres for obvious reasons. This is the time to put yourself on the fast track to health and in turn wealth!

You also can optimise your time by improving your skills in your business by experimenting new things and gathering knowledge of what’s in the future for your industry and how you get prepared for it. You can also enrol yourself in some online courses and trainings. You are the best judge of what can help you in your business. Work on it!

Ladies and gentleman your ability to earn is the most important asset and this is the year to give yourself the edge. 2020 is lost for all of us but if this year is used right, we can probably make it up 10 times of the lost money and opportunities in future!

For this most important investment of health and knowledge, I am sure you will figure out where to go and for all your real estate investments, do call me!

My name is Anand Choksi and my mobile number is 9099943300. Alternatively you can send me an email on If you liked this video, please like, comment & Share!

Thank you and wish you all the very best for 2020!

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