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The Big Investment Question: A Flat or A Plot?

Ultimately, the decision to invest in a plot or flat pretty much depends on your exact requirements and circumstances. Long-term investors who want a property to create their dream house should invest in a plot as its value will only increase over time. People looking to make a quick profit by investing for a short amount of time should go for a flat as their value keeps increasing. For those who are looking at a source of steady income through rent, a flat is the perfect choice. Whether it’s buying a plot or a house, here’s a handy little guide that will help you choose the right option.

Buying A Plot

There are several reasons for buying a piece of land that stand out compared to buying a flat or a house.


As time passes and population grows the land available will only get scarcer and hence more valuable.

No Additional Maintenance Expenses

Another big factor in favour of owning a plot is the absolute lack of any sort of maintenance requirements or any other financial expenses once the plot has been purchased, whereas a house needs to be periodically maintained and will turn out to be costlier in the long run.

Endless Flexibility

Moreover, the owner of the land has endless flexibility in terms of the property or the house that he wants to build in terms of the layout, size of the rooms and so on.

Growth in Investment

Cities today are struggling to deal with the scarcity of land which will lead to higher values for plots. With changing times, the requirements also change. As a result, once a piece of land has been purchased, the owner can build on it on a later date as per the requirement at that time which leads to much faster increase in the price of the property.

Easy to Liquidate

One of the most important factors is the liquidity that land offers as its demand never diminishes and since depreciation is nil, appreciation is generally seen immediately.


As with everything else, the real estate sector has also changed with time and today clients go above and beyond just buying a plot of land. More and more people have images of their dream homes in their head, as a direct result of it, there’s a burgeoning demand for residential plots in the city. In order to stand out from the rest of the market, some projects also offer promises of living the high-class life in the midst of nature in an elegantly designed scheme.

Buying A Flat

Regular Income

Flats also provide sizable income if they are rented out. Thus, your flat can start earning for you form the first day itself.

Better Lifestyle

For many people, buying a flat is all about a better lifestyle. Flats usually come along with numerous amenities and other facilities that help the owner live the lifestyle of his/her choice.

Return on investment

But buying a flat comes with certain caveats, as the location and area play a big part in determining the appreciation potential of your flat. A flat with a good location can provide much better returns on your investment in a much shorter time period.


Finances also play an important role in the decision to buy a flat as its comparatively easy to get a home loan from a bank. A buyer can get financing easily and the loan tenure can be extended over a long period of time.

Stronger Returns

Flats also provide the added advantage of lifestyle amenities that are absent in independent houses. Hence, the price of flats stand a good chance of steady appreciation due to strong demand.

It’s definitely true that investments change from individual to individual. Everyone has different aims and different budgets for investing their money. Whether it’s buying a new home or watching an investment appreciate with time while also earning good returns, investments can take many forms and shapes. That’s why it can be really confusing to decide on the right type of investment. But, one easy way to arrive at that decision is to figure out your objective so that your investment can lead to the outcome you desire.

With impressive growth and an excellent living atmosphere, Ahmedabad is a favorite of prospective buyers. The fast-growing city offers numerous property options and also offers high-end projects that provide a world-class living experience. Prospective buyers should get in touch with a real estate professional as he/she would not only guide you in taking the right decision in your home buying process but also help you select the perfect home for your family.

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