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You are truly a SUPERHERO

Here we take this opportunity to brighten up your day and share many reasons of not only being proud of yourself but also staying inspired in this heroic and rocking real estate industry.

1. Helping clients make life-changing decision and you really do it right

They are asking you to help them make a mega bold move, both physically and emotionally, onto the coming up step of their lives. And for you, it’s also an emotional rollercoaster. Helping home sellers is intense and draining, but you make that investment in them, time and time again with utmost diligence.

2. Being talented, wearing different hats and managing risk

It goes without saying that you ought to be a smart marketer as well as a strong sales negotiator. Knowing the industry regulations and legislation is considered to be in the essentials along with staying up-to-date on local economies and be financially savvy.

3. Solving mysteries

You deal with a unique perspective of one family member preferring newer construction while the other drawn towards a vintage type home. It’s a mystery where to start, while ending up solving it like getting through an adventure. The only great thing about it is you get to choose your own clientele and each one of those can be an adventure! Like taking a listing where each room is painted with different hues v/s working on a warehouse that is in a shabby condition. Real Estate is an endless series of entertaining choices. Won’t you agree?

4. Staying strong and resilient

Always fired up, you take each day as it comes. Your persistence and tenacity is nothing short of getting impressed. Its like every day your cheese is moved and you still tackle it like a hero. Playing a high-stakes game each day with every deal being different! Many will suck your time away and make you no money and still you have mastered - to take the good with the bad, like all things in life.

5. Keeping up-to-date

With an  encyclopedic things to learn on the platter ranging from market trends, new technologies, social media and the stuff that pops up new in every other transaction, the cutting edge tips and tricks are endless. And that’s what you adapt with ‘the constantly changing’

6. Independence but with just a 24/7 schedule

You’re not stuck in an office or a store like most professions. You can create your own schedule and inspite of that you stay available for all the hours of the year. Inspite of being self-employed, you stay self-motivated and organised to the core. Despite the long hard weeks, there sometimes is no pay check at the end of a month or two and you stay stuck to the next showing as generously.

Kudos to all the realtors around who wear their heart on the sleeve every day, are go-getters to every client for their toughest decisions of life and still don’t allow their real estate consulting career to consume their life or get driven crazy. Multi-tasking with numerous clients is not easy but we bet, you wouldn’t have it any other way than the invaluable gratification you receive out of this profession.

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