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Make the Year profitable

The economy around is changing drastically with positive reforms. Most probably every year looks full of opportunities for the real estate sector. Are you willing to optimise? Let’s set these points in order to lay a strong foundation.

Make a SMART Goal:

Set up a goal that is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. Remember to make your goal gigantic and significant for the brokerage value you aim to earn. Divide this into number of transactions, number of meetings and number of clients you would have to cross to achieve. Put this goal on your vision board to see it everyday and share it with three people around you to make yourself accountable.

WHY will help you determine HOW:

Every goal needs a connect. Connect of a feeling, emotion, purpose and reason which shall leave an impact on you and your dear ones. Justify and pen down your ‘why to achieve the goal’ which will make ‘how to achieve the goal’ easy. Clarify in your mind what would achieving your goal look like, what if you fall half-way, whom will your achievement of goal impact and so on.

Make your formula:

The big goal has to be divided into daily action. Daily action starts from making new calls to converting them into meetings and setting them to the next level of closing a transaction. Stage up the number of working hours of the year you have to break the number of calls each day you need to make. TREC agents have this exercise done in the induction training when they join which helps them achieve their goal easily and swiftly.

Measure your performance:

Measuring and tracking your business is inevitable. What is working for you and what is not working for you has to be tracked. Is your social media strategy in place? Are the lead generation tools in order? Are your actions in order of the goals set? Is the budget that you are pouring in need any revision? Are your working hours more spent towards sales activities or administrative tasks? Are you placed in the right network and infrastructural set up? Review these every month and take the right corrective decisions to crunch numbers as per the SMART goal you have set.

You need to start to be great:

The year begins and in a flash comes to an end. To make 2019 rewarding, make each day count and do the things daily. For the phone to ring, you will have to put tasks in line for the phone to ring. Every listing and lead needs nurturing and every prospect would need your time and expertise. Don’t wait for the right time, make the time right and get going.

Celebrate success:

Each transaction is a story of its own. Celebrate each win and make it memorable. Don’t make your work look mundane and a grind. Keep the momentum on and celebrate each and every reason of success to have more of such reasons come to you. Keep yourself recharged and rejuvenated to take up the daily tasks with a smile.

Make these pointers a routine and see the magic. Start each day with a goal in mind, act upon it , measure every outcome and celebrate your success. In real estate, we surely believe in working hard and celebrating harder!

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