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Make the upcoming financial years’ goals ATTAINABLE!

A new financial year begins and you set new goals. With all excitement you start on it and in some time the enthusiasm fades out. and you fall off track. Haven’t we all been there? Here are a few ideas to achieve the desired goals strongly and meaningfully.

1. Clarity in Goal setting:

Unrealistic or immeasurable goal doesn’t lead you to take any action. Only if the goal is specific, realistic, measurable, achievable and time-bound inspires you and motivates you to achieve with an action plan. Loosing weight cannot be defined as a goal. But adding clarity to the goal like loosing 10 kgs and reducing 2 inches of waist in 6 months makes it attainable.

2. Keep envisioning:

Create a vision board. Make a step-by-step plan of action to reach your destination. Dividing the goal into small steps makes it look achievable and doable. Have a clear vision in your mind as to how will achieving the goal look like, why do you want to achieve, what if you fall short in achieving the goal or how will you celebrate if you achieve the goal. Don’t forget to set a date. Timelines push you. Every step envisioned makes you feel closer to the feeling of achieving the goal.

3. Stay assertive:

This means you condition your mind to think that you have already lost 10 kgs of weight which will add more power to you in reaching the goal and feeling the success of it. Practise this EVERY DAY! Instead of “I want to buy my dream house” It’s now “I have bought my dream house.” Never quit practicing optimism, feel as if the dream has already been achieved by you. When you state these affirmations, you’re programming your mind to do the things that will achieve the desired results.

4. Be around people with same goals as you do:

There would be a lot of people to pull you down with your goals; they are clearly not the ones you should be around. Surround yourself with people who are headed in the same direction as you. Seek out goal setters and goal achievers to spend your time with. These people discuss ideas and goal-oriented plans and encourage you.

5. Let massive action rule your journey:

Setting the goal is the easiest part of this whole process. The most important element of your journey to win is to stay in action until you achieve it. Master your mind through the journey to stay positive and let the universe help you in making your goal come true for you.

Every goal; small or big is in your hands to achieve. Master your mind as it is constantly hovering with ideas, challenges, inspirations and desires. Support them with affirmations and you will feel closer to achieving them. You now have the power to make the coming financial year over-flowing profits and over- achieved targets.

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