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Make the last quarter the best one

Do you think you are too late to achieve the goals made for a year as we are three quarters down already? Hopefully you are updated with the market updates and trends we have been sharing with you to keep up with the Current Matters. Its time to review the goals and check in for the last quarter of the year and make it the best one:

Rate from 1 to 10 on the following pointers to review your progress in achieving the targets set by you at the start of the year:

  • The calls and conversations with new prospects that was needed to generate business
  • The appointments you needed to make
  • The number of transactions you have closed
  • Profit  you have earned out of the goal
  • The daily tasks that had to be done
  • Implementation of marketing strategies as laid on the goal
  • Rate each lead generation source you have that has been producing results

Anything we track and measure improves. The rating on the above will show if you have outperformed or underperformed. Ponder upon the year and see if there has been any out of the box performance through the year? The expertise or any lead generation tool that has worked better for you? Each marketing strategy  you have used has taken your efforts and money immensely. If the strategy has worked well, it is a no brainer to invest more into it. If there is a stretgy that has not worked well as per your expectation, see if you need to change the way of  doing it or completely put to trash! Also check how you are positioned with your name, firm, brand in the market and how are your clients experiencing you! Can they access you online? Or you need to work upon majorly turning your position in the market as the real estate industry is revolutionising at a higher pace.

This business is all about relationships. Check the network you are in and  see the energy around you. Are you staying motivated in this game as thats the the key factor to success. Be connected to more people in your fraternity as they are your first clients to connect you to the real ones!

You are at the finish line of the year and we hope you finish the line in a great way to start new year in a powerful way.

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