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Looking for networking tips?

Social and networking events can make you feel apprehensive, particularly for the reserved and unsocial among us. It can be overwhelming to connect with new people and be anxious about what to say. But we can help you overcome these qualms and get the maximum output of every social event you attend.

Before the event:

1. Social Media

Look for the attendees of the event and try to get in contact and build a conversation so that it becomes simpler when you face them during the event.

2. Icebreaking

Be ready with simple conversation starter questions relating to their occupation, family, profile, etc. so that you can move the conversation.

3. Outcomes

Be clear with your expectations whether you want to meet 10 to 15 new people or have a few quality interactions out off the event.

4. To-do-list

Make a list of companies you need to know about, sessions you wish to attend, interactions you wish to make and so on to organise and plan your time.

5. Business Cards

This helps you to convey your company contact info that you cannot mention. Stock up and carry enough of them to hand them out as many possible.

During the event:

1. Reach early

It is good to meet people as they arrive instead of walking up to a houseful room and then finding it difficult to catch hold of people and interacting.

2. Simple conversations

Introduce yourself in a simple way and remember and conversation is a two-way street; you are not the only one responsible to keep it flowing.

3. Be approachable

Keep your body language relaxed with your smile and arms not crossed across your chest. Be warm and friendly.

4. Listening to others

For the reserves ones, this is your strength. So while you are asking questions, be ready to listen and be a good and empathetic listener.

5. Don’t go alone

It is a good idea to have a friend with you at such events so you have someone to talk, be comfortable and have refreshments along with

6. Exiting a conversation

In case you are not comfortable or wish to end a conversation you may end by saying how nice it was conversing and that you need to get a coffee.

After the event:

1. Connect

use the business cards you have just got to save them in your database and connect with them on all social media sites to keep the engagement with them.

2. Send a message

you may send a message or email soon after the event to follow up on your conversation with him and telling how nice it was to meet.

Following the above mentioned tips can be of assistance in making networking events more convenient and effectual. This is how you can be ready to achieve the main purpose of attending the event. Even though it might be daunting at the first go, but like everything, eventually this will reap results through effective networking!

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