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Learn, Know, Focus, DO!

Most in the real estate business focus on making money. while missing on learning everything in and around this industry. Here’s a list of top things a realtor needs to focus, learn, know and eventually do to make a better living out of this business.

Know the Clients

The better you know your clients, the more successful you will be. Do you know about their family, aspirations, preferences and criteria? Sometimes all we end up knowing is budget and area preference. Your probability of getting through the transaction will increase so much if you have connected better, know their wavelength and established understanding levels from the start of the relationship.

Know the gap to create a niche

It’s important to know into which market your peers are working in. Know about their specialization and how they are generating their business. Learn from their best practices so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. This will also help you in creating a niche where there is a lapse or the demand is more.

Know the tools and technology aspect

Are you using a technology platform to organise your company’s inventory? Take some time to see what is selling and what is not; what are the market prices, blooming areas and not so blooming ones. What is the residential patch and how is the zoning around in your market. It may take some time to get the rates, jantri, zoning, measurements and more but eventually you will have to master it. This will be seamless with the use of right technology platform and data integration systems.

Know the industry players

Clients today know more about the industry players, projects and properties before even approaching you. Are you well-aware of the market trends, new projects and strengths of other industry players in your area where your clients would be approaching? Having a brief and being in the market will help you escalate your confidence in dealing with them.

Know the opportunities

Catch hold of the properties that are up on the market to be sold by owners directly. This is one of the best opportunity to get quick closures with not much of marketing expense. The icing on the cake while working with such properties is that you get great exposure and learning in terms of their objections, negoatiation rounds and overall co-ordination.

Know that real estate takes time

Real estate is a number game; and winning at it is all about the consistency you reflect to yourself and to your way of working. From time management, lead generation, marketing activities, staying organised to keeping a strong follow-up, real estate transacting takes time and hard efforts. Time and focus are the only two heroes you shall need.

Doing the not wanting to do

Real money is made only when you are on the wheels and in front of the client with home visits, meetings, negotiations and a repeat of that. The cost of putting advertisements always pay huge returns in one way or the other. It is easy to not do the things to be done but success in real estate doesn't come easy.

Are you willing to tick on all of the above in the checklist?

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