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How to prepare for a Listing Presentation?

In today’s market, a real estate consultant needs to be competent, professional and well-prepared. To bring success to your business, you got to put together a presentation plan that puts all your services forward to the client to have an edge above the rest. Following are our suggestions to plan a perfect listing presentation to put across:

1. Highlight the right way:

When you have to sell, it’s their home that is important. Present information more on selling, listing, preparing, promoting and pricing that highlights what is important to them. Do not waste your time showing your sales records and qualifications as paying more attention to the indications they give for their needs for selling will work better.

2. Do your groundwork:

Do your research well in terms of the client, property and their expectations. Your presentation will get better only if you have pre-qualified the requirement well. Eventually this relationship has to start with trust, only then you shall know the timeline and urgency of selling from the client easily.

3. Listing Price Range:

With a range of other homes selling in that area, have a comparative market analysis done. Knowing the price range of the locality and homes in that area will help you recommend a fair price expectation.

4. Have a marketing strategy in place:

While delivering a listing presentation, you are also promoting your professionalism and services. Outline a clear cut strategy of selling your client’s home along with the plan you have made. Carry along with you some handy and nicely designed brochures detailing your services and a marketing plan for them if possible.

5. Define your expertise:

Clients choose a real estate consultant for his expertise, knowledge, resources and connections. If you are new to the market, you can always have your seniors or mentor join you in your meetings. Include your company name, goodwill and accomplishments to reflect the support and value you can bring to your client.

6. Demonstrate with technology:

Real estate agents have unlimited sources of using technology to sell a property. It is a good idea to demonstrate how the client’s listing can be matched with buyer leads through real estate software. Also, you may demonstrate various portals as per the strategy outlined how the home will be listed to sell.

Go for a meeting with a detailed listing presentation with smallest effort you are going to put in the process of selling their home if you want to expect a bagful of returns. Planning and preparation are a part of any successful business venture anyways.

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