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Are you working on a serious Home-Buyer?

As online websites are filled with millions of people visiting every month, we get to see few real buyers from them. This is because serious buyers are outnumbered by casual visitors; especially those who are less likely to buy anything soon. So do you want to know the difference between the two, or want to check out in which group your clients belong to? Here are the top ways one can assess if your buyer is a serious home-buyer or a real estate gawker:

1. Time and budget clarity

Serious buyers are always ready with their homework on what they have to spend, considering their needs or getting their financial backup in order, meaning to say they have a definitive time frame in mind. They have already planned for their budget and are always keen on savings. They intend to buy within a short frame of time, especially within the year.

2. Dependent on external triggers

Sometimes they need some primary triggers like festival-related factors to commence on home-buying trips. It might be related to the start of a new job, transfer-related issues or even the lease end.

3. Efficient in planning

Serious buyers are too efficient in matters saving for a down payment. As a result, they also are less likely to report about problems arising out of qualifying for a mortgage. With their account-related clarity and genuine performance, they mostly get an upper hand than an average prospective buyer for getting a simple loan or mortgage.

4. Quick offers and inquiries

We do see that serious buyers visit open houses and request information on the same more than other time-spending customers. These people are so enthusiastic to buy that they are likely to make offers or send inquiries repeatedly regarding the property to show that they are quite serious about it.

5. Hire professional agents to speed up process

Serious buyers eventually hire professional agents to look out for their property needs and this ratio goes more than five times in comparison with casual buyers. Some formally represent themselves with the help of brokers to get a variety of information regarding the property. They also encounter mortgage lenders or home sellers to search for their dream home. So these attributes can get them started on the journey of homeownership to understand the real consumers.

Thus, identifying and prequalifying the buyer’s requirements will go a long way for any firm, to help them buy individual homes.

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