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Are you new to the business? Looking for tips to success?

You feel new and may be very new. Sometimes a little lost and a lot lost. Sometimes burning out money and at times burning out time. The fundamental to remember for you is – everyone has been new at one point in time. Others who are successful now, have been there where you are today. How to hold your ground to be in the game for longer is the question popping in your mind. Here’s how we would answer for you:

1. 80-20 ratio:

Nearly 80 % agents fail before they reach the 5 years point. The first step to marking success is by making a commitment to yourself to keep strong no matter what and keep your spot in the 20% side of the ratio.

2. Make it your priority:

Make this business as your only priority and not keep it as a side business. Identify your motivation and stay motivated each day to be there. You will have to pour in your 100% to establish a successful real estate business and take complete onus of it.

3. It is a marathon:

This business shall show you success only if you are playing it for a longer run. Be a marathon runner instead of a jogger as success in real estate is never about making quick money. It’s about doing the daily tasks diligently and being the realtor who provides so much value to the market that clients keep looking out for you.

4. Follow-up is the key:

Being connected and staying in touch with more people shall lead you to success in this game. Understand your clients need, keep showing them options, set meetings and close them. Not staying in follow-up, getting lost, working alone, keeping your mobile phone switched off are the biggest reasons of failure in this business.

5. Face your fears:

Success is followed by long hours of hard work, innumerable home showings, sweat, rejections, deals falling apart and vulnerability. Enduring this pain leads to growth and constant flow of successful deals if done consistently. On the other side, failure also leads to discomfort and pain. If you are to choose pain anyways, why not it be the route that makes you money and a successful realtor? Overcome your own fear and get out of the comfort zone.

Always remember, in real estate if you give people what they want, you’re going to win manifold times as this is a high income potential business. Get out of your comfort zone, stay committed, ensure that you are connected well and keep putting in your resources in the right channel.

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